Lean startup – in Objective C

I felt like modeling some of the lean startup process in objective C – including when to raise capital.

Idea *idea= [[Idea alloc] initWithPassion];

Experiment *experiment;

while ([idea.market representsMassiveProfit]){

   experiment = [[Experiment alloc] initWithSomethingTestableAndIdea:idea];

   [experiment validate];

   if (experiment.addsValue){

      [idea addObject:experiment];


   if (capital + idea == majorGrowth){

      if ([capital.source addsNonMonetaryValue] && [capital doesNotUnreasonablyDilute])


         [capital accept];



   [experiment release];


Now if only someone would write an initWithPassion, addsMonetaryValue functions this whole startup process would be a breeze!