My mobile apps

Row 0 iPad app

  • Description: Row0 looks a lot like an interactive flipboard for sports.  View content (blogs, player tweets, photos).  There’s also an in game chat (using pubnub).  The current data I have stored is all for the 2012 World junior hockey championships.  I used Parse as the server API and storage layer
  • My role: I built the whole thing
  • Link:
  • Status: Should be available by Christmas 2011

Yousendit iPhone / iPad app

  • Description: Yousendit’s iPhone app’s give users access to their cloud based documents.  Viewing, sharing, e-signing, and sending is all facilitated throughout this application.  An enterprise management layer also exists within the app allowing enterprise administrators to manage their devices.
  • My role: I’ve been the lead developer on the project from line 0.
  • Link
  • Status: ongoing

Attassa iPhone app

  • Description: Our Attassa iPhone app organized users email, facebook, twitter , and linkedin messages into one consolidated app.
  • My role: Dwayne built most of the app but I was responsible for a lot of the social media integration with facebook and linkedin
  • Link: NA
  • Status: We removed the app from the app store in 2010~ish

Zumodrive and Zumocast iPhone, Android, and webOS app

  • Description: Zumodrive (from YC company Zecter) connects your cloud media content to all of your mobile devices.  It’s an awesome app that saw a lot of Techcrunch love over the years.  Zumocast, connects your PC and osX based media with your mobile devices.
  • My role: I lead mobile development at Zecter in the months leading up to their acquisition by Motorola.  I built much of the the iOS, Android, and webOS apps.  I worked side by side with the founders in figuring out “what” we built.
  • Link:
  • Status: We removed the app from the app store in 2010~ish

Learn that name iPhone app and webOS app

  • Description: Learn that name was a side hack project.  It was an iPhone and webOS app that quizzed users about their linkedin connections.
  • My role: I built the webOS app on my own
  • Link:
  • Status: We somehow managed to have Learn that name acquired by Gist (who was later acquired by Research in Motion). The last I looked you could still play our game from within the app.

App and Seek iPhone app

  • Description: App and seek was a simple memory game.  It was another hack project for fun.
  • My role: I was one of the 3 guys who built the app.  Although truth be told, of all the apps I’ve built I probably contributed the least on this on.
  • Link:NA
  • Status: Hardly anyone downloaded the app … and it was removed from the store 😦

PlayitLoudr iPhone app

  • Description: PlayitLoudr allows you to check in the music you’re currently listening to on your iPhone.  We built this before all the big players got into this space.  But it never became more than a side project.
  • My role: 90% of the code written for the app was written by me.
  • Link:
  • Status: Still available in the store, but it never had many users … other than ourselves.

Rubber Chicken Assassins iPhone app

  • Description: This iPhone app allows you to attack someone with a virtual rubber chicken!  Once you’ve assassinated your victim, we allow you to post the assassination on facebook.  An obituary was created using their facebook data (“John was last heard saying blah”) geo-cordinates we passed, and the combination of attack movements for the kill (punch left, punch right etc).  Of all the app ideas I’ve come up with and built, this one probably had / has the most potential to be downloaded by hoards of immature teenagers … and immature grown ups like me.
  • My role: 90% of the code written for the app was written by me.
  • Link:
  • Status: Still available in the store and people generating obituaries!

Challenge me iPhone app

  • Description: ChallengeMe encourages healthy behavior.
  • My role: I helped finish the app for Piruze.  She’d hired a contractor who couldnt finish it.  So I spent a week, finished it, and helped her submit
  • Link:
  • Status: Still available

Yousendit Places iPad app

  • Description: Yousendit Places allows you to send files to places rather than people.  We used foursquare’s api to grab location data, and for our server api layer.
  • My role: I pitched this and built this in 2 days for shits and giggles for yousendit just cause I thought it’d be cool.  My buddy Rod Frey built an Android version
  • Link:NA
  • Status: We’re still trying to see if we can release this as a Yousendit app.  Or if I can release it on my own.

Tweetgab app

  • Description: This was another fun hack app.  It organizes the twitter firehose of any hash tag you’re interested in.  It sorts tweets into questions, answers, announcements, photos, and presents them in a much more organized fashion than just a sequential list.
  • My role: I built the rails server parsing the firehose, and the iOS app to display.
  • Link:NA
  • Status: The app’s finished but we never did stand up the server on production

Others I’m sure I’m forgetting …

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