Moving on from Samsung Accelerator

It was about a year ago that I started working within the Samsung Accelerator in San Francisco. Depending on the day, I’d refer to myself as either an Entrepreneur in Residence, CEO of Distilled Labs, or Director at Samsung Accelerator. These are the games you allow yourself to play when your title is an afterthought. Regardless of title, the goal was – not surprisingly – to build a product that solved a market’s need. We were afforded the autonomy to essentially build the product we believed in, how we wanted to do it, and with whom we wanted to do it with. As a builder/inventor/entrepreneur/<insert your title here> you can’t ask for much better, so I sincerely thank those at Samsung for the chance.

However, after a year, it felt like time to come home. A weekly commute south to San Francisco would likely seem dreamy to many who head north to Fort McMurry … but while in some ways you feel like you have 2 homes, in many more ways you feel like you have none.

This of course doesn’t even mention the biggest motivation.

You can’t put a price on those feels.