Fitnesse Results in Cruise Control Build reports

It’s been a bit of a battle getting fitnesse reports included in CruiseControl reports.

Here’s the outline of what I had to do:
1. Launch the fitnesse tests using the task in the cruise control project
2. Launch a batch file that translates the resultant fitnesse raw html file to a cruisecontrol readable xml file
3. Merge the xml file to the cruisecontrol log

Things that caused me some pain …
– For some reason the java class for creating the .xml file had to be launched using a batch file. I couldn’t get the class to load using task directly in the cruise control project
– I had to place the after the merge task within the publishers tag. When it was before, the resuts were not being merged in.

Still to do: The results are only appearing on the dashboard for the build. For some reason they are not being added to the email notification

Here’s my ccnet.config file added tasks

-results c:\fitnesse\results\FitNesse-Results.html localhost 81 SystTestScrub



FitnesseReport.bat looks like the following:
cd c:\fitnesse
java -cp fitnesse.jar fitnesse.runner.FormattingOption C:\fitnesse\results\Fitnesse-Results.html xml c:\fitnesse\results\Fitnesse-Results.xml localhost 81 SystTestScrub

Unlocked bmx bike

Staring outside the bustling Seattle espresso shop watching the Loius Vuitton designer bags, the color co-ordinated scarves, the lights, the buskers playing christmas carols, I’m watching a 15 year old remove the seat of his bicycle, the front tire, and proceed to lock the bike to a no longer lonely light post.

It’s funny how now after so many years of being away I look back upon growing up in simple small town Gull Lake Saskatchewan with such fondness.

I can’t help but think of carelessly tossing my bmx bicycle to the curbside outside of freds trophies; unlocked and unattended for hours; as I went inside to spend my weekly allowance on Bubble Bobble, or whatever the trendy game of the day was.

After I’m done sipping on this Grande decaf Americano, I’ll wander on past Sonic Boom, the Peoples Pub, Mattador restaurant, and proceed to unlock the 3 locks that guard my bachelors apartment. Is it just me, or was it a daily occurrence to head off to Gull Lake High School along with my sister and mom, leaving the house completely unlocked for the whole day?

Windows installer – Reverse engineering COM self registration for a .exe COM server.

There are a couple compelling reasons to capture the self registration of COM components inside Windows installer tables instead of allowing windows installer to register the component through registration calls.

– It allows the installer to be more consistant and truly contain a pre-and post install snapshot of the system
– Allows the install / uninstall to be transactional
And most importantly; allows the installer to install components per/user, so that non-admins can register components.

The most difficult part of this effort is to capture these registry settings so they can be added to the installer tables. WIX (the tool we are using with attassa/collabomatic) comes with a tool called Tallow. This receives .reg files as well as dll’s and derives the registration settings for the files in the form of wix fragment. This works great for dll’s but unfortunately it doesn’t work so hot for .exe COM servers.

For this, I use the following process (using regcap.exe from a dos prompt).

DOS: Regcap.exe /o component.reg component.exe

DOS: tallow.exe –reg component.reg > component.wxs

This produces the components fragment file that just requires a few touches before it’s merged into our main installer using light.