Fitnesse Results in Cruise Control Build reports

It’s been a bit of a battle getting fitnesse reports included in CruiseControl reports.

Here’s the outline of what I had to do:
1. Launch the fitnesse tests using the task in the cruise control project
2. Launch a batch file that translates the resultant fitnesse raw html file to a cruisecontrol readable xml file
3. Merge the xml file to the cruisecontrol log

Things that caused me some pain …
– For some reason the java class for creating the .xml file had to be launched using a batch file. I couldn’t get the class to load using task directly in the cruise control project
– I had to place the after the merge task within the publishers tag. When it was before, the resuts were not being merged in.

Still to do: The results are only appearing on the dashboard for the build. For some reason they are not being added to the email notification

Here’s my ccnet.config file added tasks

-results c:\fitnesse\results\FitNesse-Results.html localhost 81 SystTestScrub



FitnesseReport.bat looks like the following:
cd c:\fitnesse
java -cp fitnesse.jar fitnesse.runner.FormattingOption C:\fitnesse\results\Fitnesse-Results.html xml c:\fitnesse\results\Fitnesse-Results.xml localhost 81 SystTestScrub

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