The lighter side of Collabomatic

Today was the first day that Dwayne, Rod and I were all together in the same room after “becoming a real company.”

We’re not anywhere near claiming victory until millions are enjoying using Collabomatic, Dwayne is navigating his submarine across Lake Washington, I’m flying overhead in my new helicopter and Rod is catching up on 5 years of TV absence by watching his very own HD set … But …

Being able to focus, pay ourselves, and plan for the future does feel a bit like a milestone achievement.

So after getting home from dinner in Seattle tonight, I became nostalgic and started digging through my emails from some of our early conversations. In doing so I started to compile a list of some of the funnier and more notable moments from the last 10 months and did what any good nerd would do … I blogged about it.

In no particular chronological order, mainly cut and pasted from email tonight, as well as memorable quotes from various conversations that stand out ….

“Mom; please please please could you not use the phone; I’m waiting on an important call”
– Rod, about 30 seconds before receiving a call from potential investors while we were still working from his parents basement.

“I unplugged the phone upstairs just in case she tried to pick up during our investor call”
– Rod, still paranoid, the next day about 5 minutes before a follow up call with potential investors.

“My Elevator pitch requires about a 67 story building”
– Dwayne, when describing his elevator pitch at a recent startup event.

“David and I just finished our lunch. David’s a pretty good guy
— great hair, likes the right beer. I won’t screen his calls.”

– Rod, to Dwayne and I after Rod and I met for the first time on a “geek blind date” at Mongolie grill in Edmonton.

“We really need a codename! I can’t get through a pitch without someone in the room laughing every time I say “Collabomatic.”
– Dwayne, in an email to Rod and I after giving a pitch to some Seattle Tech startup guys. 10 months later, we still call ourselves and our product “Collabomatic.”

– Rod after spilling coffee on one of his only 2 dress shirts that made the trip to meet potential investors in Texas.

“Get your mom and dad to move to Edmonton. Problem solved”
– Dwayne, in an email to me after I told him I wasn’t sure what the he@#ll I was going to do now for money now that I had quit my job.

I’m sure this is only the surface and I’ll wake up with a fresh new set …

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