The "Ultimate" in startups

Ok … so I’m beating the whole “Startups are like X” thing to death … and then maybe death again. Quite the opposite of original, this is a rebuttal to my fellow Attassa co founder Rod Frey’s blog “The top five reasons entrepreneurs love hockey”
I present to thee …
If startups most resembled of a sport, it’d be ….
Ultimate Frisbee; and not just because both are dominated on the west coast!

4. Ultimate Frisbee is a sport without any financial compensation. As a matter of fact one scrimps and saves to just play the damn sport. In the same way I remember spending the night on the floor of my cousin’s apartment in Lethbridge Alberta I remember spending the night sleeping on an air mattress in Seattle apt.
3. Ultimate Frisbee is self officiated. No ref’s to enforce the rules, no coach to layout a game plan, no trainer to motivate you to work harder. In ulti, and in startups, you, you’re team-mates, are the sole stakeholders.
2. Plays and game plans go out the window! Much like design docs and business plans, ultimate Frisbee plays serve as the required starting point to a dynamic and ever changing game. They pretty much get thrown out the window once you start playing.
1. And much like hockey, ulty is a game of time and space. Unlike any other sport, ultimate Frisbee relies on you reading the competition, getting into the right position at the right time, and reacting swiftly when opportunity arrises.

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