Adding UI to Add Remove Programs Uninstall

As part of our uninstall flow, we want to give the user the option to manually save any of their user generated data before our uninstaller deletes it. Giving all users on the computer, not just the uninstalling user, this option, is a completely separate bag of worms that I’ll address in a later post.

Unfortunately, Windows launches uninstall in minimum UI mode when run from Add/Remove program files. This meens that as fancy and elegant as my underlying UI is on uninstall …. You’re not gonna see it when launched from Add remove programs. After going down a few false positive routes

Changing the uninstallstring in the registry from /X to /I (windows ignores this)

The Rube solution was to

  • Hide the repair option from ARP

  • Enable the change option from ARP.
  • Modify my installer UI so that control elements displayed would be dependent on whether installing, repairing, or uninstalling


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