Perfmon performance logs in XP

1. Open perfmon: Start->Run -> perfmon

2. From within Counter Logs node, right click and select “New log settings …”

3. Enter the name “AttassaLogSettings”

4. Click “Add Counters”:

5. Change settings to match below screenshot (Select Process from the performance object drop down, outlook from the process list on the right, and select all counters option)

6. Click Add, then close

7. Click OK and if prompted to create a PerfLogs folder, select Yes

8. Perform performance tests.

9. Whenever you’re done, right click AttassaLog-> Stop

10. The most recent perflog test result will be in C:\PerfLog folder:

One thought on “Perfmon performance logs in XP

  1. I’ve recently learned about and became a fan of typeperf.exe, the command line version of perfmon. There’s a little bit more of a learning curve, and you don’t get the fancy graphs, but it’s much faster to set up and more easily controlled.

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