Popular iPhone apps deliver value in 10s or less

I recently made an observation when taking inventory of the iPhone apps I have installed.

I noted that any app I use with any regularity will provide me with value in 10 seconds or less.  If it takes longer, I’d just as soon crack open the laptop and use the web/desktop version … or be distracted by some other app on my iPhone.  While there’s plenty of apps installed (at least 4 pages full), the only ones I use are Shazam, Mail, Contacts, Google Maps, Tweetie, Facebook, Weather, Showtimes …. all apps that I can get data from within 10 seconds.

It seems that the iPhone has tapped into our North American attention deficit selves.  I find myself busting out my iPhone any time I’m without stimulation … even when waiting for the traffic light to turn green.  The iPhone and it’s apps owe a lot of their success to an ability to fill the gaps in our day to day lives – it’s candy to the attention deficit.  And to me, there’s nothing better than an app that can entertain me in as little as 10 seconds.

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