“shhhh don’t tell anyone; it’s a winning idea”

I was out for drinks a couple nights ago with a friend who had a “winning idea” that he wouldn’t share with anyone in the room.  I can only imagine that he feared someone scooping his idea.

Much like that evening, whenever I see someone guarding their idea like it was their first born, I can’t help but think they’re going to spill the beans within minutes.  Of course though, they’ll make you swear until you’re blue in the face that you won’t tell a living soul.

In my mind, this person, or anyone who has a “winning idea” has failed already. Ive met enough “ideas people” to know that ideas are worthless; the value lies in the execution of the idea.  So if there’s anything you should fortify, it’s the execution of the idea, not the idea itself.  Better a mediocre idea brilliantly executed than a brilliant idea with a mediocre execution.

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