Out of the bubble

It seems that recently my social interactions (digitally and in the flesh and blood) are mostly with tech / startup type folk.  In this circle people like Eric Ries are treated iconically, and IMO, for good reason.  His work with the Leanstartup is amazing.

You sometimes forget how small this little “startup” culture bubble is though.  I was reminded about this recently when perusing twitter:


Eric Ries, with all his accomplishments, and energy he invests in his online presence, has 4/5th the followers as Jordan Eberle and his 48 tweets.  This reminds me both that our little startup clique is actually pretty small … and also that people are pretty nutty about sports and getting into the lives of their favorite players.  Imagine how many people would “follow” Jordan Eberle if he invested 1/10th the energy into his online brand as Eric Reis does.

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